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Patio / verandah Blinds

The BeLtex Patio Verandah Blind is the new answer to enclosing your outside
entertainment area into a more comfortable environment.  Up until now there has been
no alternative to P.V.C. clear blinds.

P.V.C. clear blinds

PVC Clear Blinds have negative attributes which make the PVC Clear material
unsuitable for blinds.

 * Shrinkage (due to UV).
 * Minimal material strength.
 * A life span of four to five years (due to UV).

The BeLtex Patio Verandah Blind

The material used in the BeLtex Patio Verandah Blind has been around for a long
time and has a long history of being used in the awning industry.

 *  NO shrinkage
 *  Maximum  strength.
 *  life span of ????? years - The Blind at our workshop has been there
    for 17 years so far.
 *  A large range of fabric colours.
 *  Metal work is powder coated to your colour.

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