Present:            Neil Williamson George Dowden, Les Roberts, Ron O"Brien, Tim Snigg Phil Richards and Neville Dixon


Apologies:        Bob Oliver, Bob Richardson, Adrian Smith, David Williamson, Russel Oehms


Bank:                $615.00


Business Arising:


                            Defer signage discussion to allow Bill Tully to present poster design.


                                             April 17th  Portland.

                                            12.00 Vic. time.

                                            Gordon Hotel


Club Fish:            Tim Snigg - First class day, everyone caught good fish and fished approximately 30 fish.




                            Journals -  B.F.F.S


                                            Price of specials from Relfish Ballarat.


General Business:


                            George (Portland) spoke of a private lake that needs administrating, he has access to trout fingerlings

                            (Robe) and asked if we could transport them to the lake.  Some vegetation control and screens may be


                            The club could have some access to fish this location from time to time.


                            Ron spoke of his September adventure to Mongolia to seek an ancient form of trout.  We look forward to

                            hearing from him on his return.


This Month:            Fish will be at a private trout water at Portland.  We are to meet with our Portland members.

                            12 noon Sunday April 17th at the Gordon Hotel. 



Late news break:


                            Thanks to Les Roberts we have been able to secure the Fishing Lodge at Lake Wartook for Friday 8th and Saturday 9th July 2005.  


                            There are 6 double bunks and a large common room (kitchen that includes Microwave and Fridge)

                            There is also an electric B.B.Q.  Shower and toilet facilities are also available.


                            The cost structure is as follows:-       Horsham Club Membership of $10.00 per annum for all people

                                                                                   using the facility and $10.00 per night accommodation fee.

                            Tim, David and I have discussed this cost structure and will put it to the next club meeting that the club                                 pay for the accomodation so the only cost per person for the weekend will be $10.00 plus consumables.

                            We need to take food, grog, and bedding, toiletries and red gum for the pot belly stove.


                            I am sorry it is not the 3rd weekend as this is the most suitable date available at this time.


                            Early confirmation of your availability will guarantee your place in this field trip.


                            P.S.   Petrol motors allowed on boats at this location.


Neil Williamson

David Williamson

Tim Snigg