The maximum width that a BeLtex Patio blind can be made is 5.9 metres and the height is 3 metres. However there is a trade off at this length because the bottom bar has to be fixed due to movement of the bottom bar that is generated by wind against the blind. The fixing point of the bottom bar can be a post (either permanent or removable) or to the ground. Also there is a looseness in the middle of such a large blind due to the flexing of the top roller which cannot be prevented. This trade off is used because the cost of a large blind costs less than 2 smaller blinds. Blinds of a length of 3.5 meters need no bottom rail support.

The loosness can be seen in the large blind on the right which has the bottom rail fixed on the centre post, the left blind is fixed to the floor however due to the camera amgle this blind looks tight

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